Summer Student Research Program

What's in this Guide

This is a basic introduction to clinical health research. You will be introduced to Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and the PICO method for formulating your search strategy in PubMed and other databases. You will learn how to read and critique clinical research articles.  Finally, you will analyze your own research project. and conduct a search. 

Describe Your Research Project

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • What project have you been assigned?
  • Who is your PI or project coordinator?
  • Do you have a project description?
  • Do you understand the project topic?
    • What kind of study it is?
    • What is the clinical research question?
  • Do you know what your role or task is?
    • Find specific articles (use Pubmed's Single Citation Matcher)
    • Perform literature search (use Pubmed)
    • Conduct actual research (e.g., administer experiment, data collection, interviewing)

EBM & PICO: Anatomy of a Good Clinical Question

Source:  Duke University Medical Center Library & University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library

Using PICO to Structure Your Search

Selecting Databases

For clinical research, use the following databases:

To find other resources check under More Databases our library web site.

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