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PubMed/Medline is the premier source for biomedical literature.

To search PubMed, try these Quick Tours.

An example of simple subject search.

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Search PubMed:

PubMed: Search Tools

PubMed options for focusing your search::

Filters: Use filters to narrow your search results by date, language, article type, etc.

Building Blocks: Use Boolean logic (AND, OR, and NOT), search history, phrase searching, and truncation.

MeSH: An acronym for Medical Subject Headings; PubMed/MEDLINE uses MESH terms for indexing articles.

Clinical Queries: Prefrabricated searches that limit to specific clinical studies (i.e., etiology, diagnosis, therapy, prognosis, or clinical prediction).

PubMed: Manage Results

Display/Sort: Use the Display Settings menu to change the display format, the number of citations per page and the sort order of your results.

Send to: An menu option to send or copy PubMed records to a file, to the Clipboard, to Collections, to E-Mail, to order, to My Bibliography, or to a Citation manager program.

MyNCBI: A feature that allows you to save records and searches, and customize your results display with filters and other options.

Find Articles

Single Citation Matcher: A fill-in-the-blank form for searching when you have a partial citation (e.g., journal name, volume, page). 

Find It: Links to full text resources through UH using the Find It button. 

A-Z Journal List: Search for individual journal titles here.

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