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Journal Names


Some databases import only the abbreviated journal name while your style may call for the full journal name – and vice versa. EndNote offers Term Lists of journal names – both the full name and one or two common abbreviations – that you load into your library.  This tutorial by EndNote explains Journal Names and how to add them to your library.

Note: The first two minutes of the video demonstrate journal names, the remainder goes over how to edit a style, which is also covered in the next section of this guide.

Loading Pre-Defined Journal Term Lists into your EndNote Library

1. In EndNote, go to Tools --> Open Term Lists --> Journal Terms List

2. Click on the Lists tab

3. Click on Journals if it is not already selected

4. Click on the Import List button

5. In the dialog box, navigate to the EndNote folder

6. Open the Term Lists folder

7. Select the list you wish to import into your library

8. Click on the Open button

On a PC, the default location is: C:Program Files/EndNote X7/Term Lists

On a Mac, the default location is: Hard Drive:Applications:EndNote X7:Terms


From The Experts

More About Journal Names

The pre-defined Journal Term Lists are authoritative and provide your EndNote library with the correct vocabulary to cite your references properly.

You can add journal names to the list by selecting Tools → Open Term Lists → Journal Terms List, clicking New Term then following the prompts.

Names in the Journal Terms Lists are kept with the library they have been loaded into, so they are specific to that library.

There is no limit to the number of journal names in a term list.

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