EndNote for Desktop

Instructions for getting started with EndNote X7 for desktop.

Creating a Bibliography List

You can use EndNote to create an independent and fully formatted bibliography without using the CWYW features.

Creating a Bibliography List

1.  In your EndNote Library, select the references you would like to add to your bibliography list

  • To select only a few, click on each one while holding down the Ctrl key
  • To select all, go to Edit → Select All (or Ctrl + A)

2.  In EndNote, go to Edit → Copy Formatted (or Ctrl + K)

3.  In your Word document select Edit → Paste (or Ctrl + V)

4.  The formatted bibliography will be inserted into your Word document

Note: this list is text only and can not be edited in Word using the EndNote tools.  To change the style of the list, go back to your EndNote library and select the style you wish to use, and repeat the process.

From The Experts

When creating a bibligraphy in this way, the references are sorted and formatted according to the style selected in the library.

The bibliography list is plain text - you can change any part of the list using the typical edit commands in Word but you can not use the CWYW commands to change the style.

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