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IACUC Resources and Searching Tips

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for the oversight of animal care and use in various programs. This guide provides resources and searching tips related to IACUC protocols.

Submitting Your Search to IACUC via Topaz

According to the UH IACUC:

Vertebrate animal use must be reviewed and approved by the UH IACUC prior to the use occurring. Committee review is required regardless of animal use site, funding source, species, or animal number. An approved protocol must be procured by all University faculty, staff, or students using vertebrate animals in research, teaching or testing. There are some situations were a protocol is not required. Inquiries in these matters are to be directed to the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, c/o Regulatory Compliance Officer and Executive Secretary (telephone 956-4446/facsimile 956-4448).

Visit the IACUC website for full details about submitting a proposal, and the approval process

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