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While JABSOM students are encouraged and expected to explore and utilize a vast array of resources for their study, your lead faculty in the traditional biological sciences (“the basic sciences”) have recommended the following textbooks. You can access most of these books online through the library or borrow physical copies from the library. While you may choose to use other textbooks if you prefer, you should be sure to learn the material that coincides with any assigned readings in the recommended textbooks.


Please wait until your orientation to anatomy for recommendations by your anatomy faculty. 

Numerous print textbooks and eBooks are available from the Library as well.  See the Library Reserve Collection in the stacks (primarily the QS call number range) and the eBooks listing. 

Also, review the books available from the Library’s ClinicalKey resource.  When you are in ClinicalKey, click on Books (top left corner) and then Medical Education (under Specialty) for a listing of anatomy and review books.

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